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What if leveraging sustainable principles in business, government, and in life was viewed as a strategic and competitive advantage versus merely as a charitable practice? What if sustainability can be leveraged to build resilience in a rapidly changing world and one's personal life? What if companies, governments, and individuals were looking to the future through the lens of sustainability to strengthen their resiliency and pursue opportunities that others neglect or are unable to appreciate? 


These are just the questions I explore by talking with leaders within the business, government, and non-profits communities. I put forward an alternative way to think about environmental protection, clean energy, health, pollution, and climate change that goes beyond charitable ambitions to emphasize Resilience and Opportunity.


There has never been a better time to build stronger businesses, governments, and personal lives by leveraging sustainable principles that yield greater resilience and champion emerging opportunities. 


Mark Lampman, Founder - Resilience & Opportunity

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